A Place For Me To Write Stuff


This is the place where I write stuff that doesn’t fit into my typical writing. I’ll figure out what that means later, but for now, this will act as a nice placeholder.

Check out my work at The Motley Fool for analysis on technology and consumer goods companies. I mainly focus on Facebook and Twitter with some Google and Apple thrown in for good measure. I also write about telecom and cable companies on occasion.

I also have a couple Instagram accounts that I work on. I post adorable pictures of puppies on OMG Puppies! And with Historic Misquotes I match up quotes from movies, tv shows, and celebrities with historical figures resulting in extreme irony.

I developed a webapp that generates random Jeopardy! clues.

Follow me on Twitter, where I mostly post my articles from the Fool, rant about how stupid people are sometimes, and root for my St. Louis Cardinals.